2023 Nov Parent Seminar

  • Nov 07, 2023
  • Yang Li
With the main exam season around the corner in Feb-Apr 2024, this is the perfect time to start thinking about the scholarship system.

We at NCS have held bi-annual parent seminars for over 20 years, informing parents about the scholarship system, planning for the season and how best to tackle the challenge based on your child’s abilities.

Just this year, we were the first school to find out and notify our community about Scotch’s change to the AAST exam format. Previously, we were also the first school to do so when Melbourne Grammar made their switch to AAST. This week, we are again ahead of the curve in notifying our parents about Camberwell Grammar doing the same. These are just some of the recent examples of how we are keeping our parents informed.

In the past few years, with all the changes, inaccuracies and exaggerations out there, it is becoming more and more challenging for parents to get the most up to date, most accurate and relevant information.

That is why it is crucial for our parents to take advantage of the resources here at NCS. To make sure you are well prepared, well informed, and avoid any mistakes, attending our parent seminar is a must. 

To make sure we are on the right track for success in the coming exam season, remember to sign up to the January holiday program.


N.B. If you are not yet a NCS parent, please contact our office (links at the bottom of the page) to register your interest and secure a spot in a seminar.