Course Features

For Aspiring Maths Champs

Challenging and Fun

The Maths Olympiad program is designed to push mathematical limits. Want to tackle some rare and tricky questions? Here is the right place.

Boost Lateral Thinking

Maths can become overly methodical and dry. The Olympiad program promotes mathematical creativity and by extension, encourages students to explore lateral thinking.

Logic and Reasoning

In this program, students explore different ways of getting to the answer, following a logical path and using their reasoning, analytical and spacial/visual skills.

Olympiad Success

Our students consistently medal in the annual South East Asian Maths Olympiad competition. In 2022, we had 9 gold, 15 silver and 28 bronze medalists.


Challenge Yourself

The NCS Maths Olympiad Program runs online a few times a year. These are great opportunities to push your mathematical boundaries and have some fun tackling some rare and interesting Maths questions.

  • Taught by Maths teachers with decades of experience.
  • Split into four levels designed for students in Years 1 / 2, Years 3 / 4, Years 5 / 6 and Years 7 / 8 (as done in the SEAMO competition).
  • Worksheets split into three sections: “Basics”, “Achieve High” and “Challenging”.
  • Access a sample worksheet by clicking here.


August Program

Online Zoom Classes (9th August to the 31st August) :

Maths Olympiad Workshops – 6PM to 8PM; Wednesdays or Thursdays via Zoom

  • Level A (Y1 and 2) and Level C (Y5 and 6) attend the Wednesday evening workshops
  • Level B (Y3 and 4) and Level D (Y7 and 8) attend the Thursday evening workshops

Enrolments Closed

My son has been in New Century for almost 5 years. Their teachers with professional teaching skills really help him to gain entrance to one of the Melbourne’s best school. As well as the language program in Chinese has enhanced his interest and ability to better engage with his culture identity.
No doubt he is a lucky boy who have been with New century which is highly respectable institutions. Thank you.

Andi Li - Google Review

I have sent my children here and found the school has an excellent learning process. It is very flexible – there are several locations you can choose to send your students to, and you can choose between online and in-person learning. Their program is very helpful for both NAPLAN and scholarship tests. I would recommend it to any student.

From Google Review -

It’s a great school for children and parents! The school has a very good learning environment and a quality education system! Children can have remote leaning from home or study with other kids in the classroom. Also, the staffs are very friendly and helpful! I have a great experience with New Century School since 2017.

Limin Ye - Google Review

I personally attended New Century School for many years and as a result have received 2 scholarships for competitive Melbourne private schools. The curriculum teachers are not only helpful, engaging but are experienced in their own disciplines and deliver meaningful lessons relevant to scholarship material. Attending this school definitely paves a brighter future for students!

Stephanie - Google Review