Course Features

Designed for Success

History of Success

The program has created thousands of Scholarship and Selective Program success stories over the last two decades.

Updated and Targeted

Our program prepares students for what they will actually face in exams. Updated annually to reflect changes in the exam environment.

Professional Team

The program is taught by qualified and experienced Australian teachers. Our teachers, on average, have more than a decade of teaching experience.

Understand Exams

Designed with two mock exams administered in the course of the program, students get vital feedback and exam experience.


Get Ready for the Early Exam Season, incl. the Scotch College exam

Taught by teachers with decades of experience, nothing sets students up for success like our holiday program. Our results over the years show the strong correlation between doing well in the program, and performing well in the exam season.

Class offered in this holiday program include:

  • A.Scholarship Exam Training for Y3s, 4s, 5s and 7s
    • Y3s are aiming to perform well in the early exam season. Accordingly, there will be two mock exams, one in the Edutest format and one in the ACER format.
    • Y5s and 7s are also aiming for the early exam season, especially in the coming Scotch College exam in October. Accordingly, we will have two mock exams, one in the Edutest format and one in the Scotch College format.
  • B.Scholarship Writing Workshops for Y3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 8s
    • Prepares students for Selective, ACER, Edutest, AAST and Scotch College style writing topics
    • Will cover actual writing topics from past exam papers
  • C. Year 2 Writing Workshop
    • The NAPLAN has changed such that Y3 students tackle a writing task at the very start of the school year.
    • This workshop is designed to help introduce students to writing, and to foster great skills and habits that will help them write well for years to come.


September Holiday Program


Doncaster Campus (18th September to the 29th):

Scholarship Exam Training – 9AM to 12PM; Mon, Wed, Fri
Writing Workshops – 1:10PM to 3PM; Mon, Fri

Wheelers Hill Campus (18th September to the 29th):

Scholarship Exam Training – 1PM to 4PM; Mon, Wed, Fri
Writing Workshops – 10AM to 11:50AM; Mon, Fri

Scan the QR code in the image on the left (or above) for details.

My son has been in New Century for almost 5 years. Their teachers with professional teaching skills really help him to gain entrance to one of the Melbourne’s best school. As well as the language program in Chinese has enhanced his interest and ability to better engage with his culture identity.
No doubt he is a lucky boy who have been with New century which is highly respectable institutions. Thank you.

Andi Li - Google Review

I have sent my children here and found the school has an excellent learning process. It is very flexible – there are several locations you can choose to send your students to, and you can choose between online and in-person learning. Their program is very helpful for both NAPLAN and scholarship tests. I would recommend it to any student.

From Google Review -

It’s a great school for children and parents! The school has a very good learning environment and a quality education system! Children can have remote leaning from home or study with other kids in the classroom. Also, the staffs are very friendly and helpful! I have a great experience with New Century School since 2017.

Limin Ye - Google Review

I personally attended New Century School for many years and as a result have received 2 scholarships for competitive Melbourne private schools. The curriculum teachers are not only helpful, engaging but are experienced in their own disciplines and deliver meaningful lessons relevant to scholarship material. Attending this school definitely paves a brighter future for students!

Stephanie - Google Review